Govt lifts suspension on Sable Transport operations


Government has announced the lifting of the suspension of operations on Sable Transport and Construction Limited of Lusaka’ Makeni area, effective October 19, 2023.

On Wednesday Zambia Monitor reported that the government had suspended the operations of Sable Transport and Construction Limited due to the company’s failure to provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for its workforce.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security Labour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa, said the decision was made after the company successfully complied with the directives that were issued to the company during the inspection on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

Muntengwa said other contraventions noted were none issuance of written contracts of employment and pay slips and the company was given up to October 31, 2023 to remedy the situation.

He said following the suspension of works, Sable Transport management swiftly acted upon the directives given to them.

“They remedied the contraventions by taking the necessary steps to provide PPE to safeguard the health and safety of its workers,” Muntengwa said.

He said companies like Sable Transport should be role models to other employers as they had been in operation for a long time and to which upcoming Small and Medium Enterprises should be looking up to.

Muntengwa further urged the employer to uphold strict regulations and comply with the labour laws, adding that Sable Transport had shown willingness to adhere to the law by providing PPE to its employees.

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“The company’s prompt action in rectifying the identified contraventions showcases its commitment to upholding the rights and safety of its employees as partners,” he said.

Muntengwa said it was important for Sable Transport and other companies to maintain compliance with labour laws to avoid any suspensions or penalties.

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