Celebrity couple, Kadochi, Miyanda cause media frenzy as news of break up dominate social space


In a shocking turn of events, a well-known zambian power couple, zambian vlogger Kadochi and Natasha Miyanda, have officially called it quits, sending waves of astonishment throughout their fan base.

The breakup became public knowledge after a viral video emerged showing Natasha Miyanda being caressed by another individual, identified as Jackson.

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Miyanda visited her mother in the Southern Province and upon her return, she alleged that Kadochi had been unfaithful, referring to him as “toxic.”

She vehemently denied any wrongdoing on her part, stating, “I am not cheating on Kadochi… I don’t know why he is acting as if he did not cheat on me.”

Miyanda herself confirmed the breakup in an emotional video posted on her official Facebook handle.

In the video, she made some startling claims about the relationship, including allegations of physical abuse.

She revealed that she had been a victim of abuse on several occasions, even to the extent that she was forced to defend herself with a knife during one particularly harrowing encounter.

“The day before yesterday Kadochi was beating me to a point I fainted,” she recounted.

Kadochi, on the other hand, categorically denied the allegations of abuse, stating that there was no concrete evidence to support Miyanda’s claims.

“I have never cheated on that girl.”

However, he admitted that he might supposedly be cheating on her in messages but not getting physically envolved with someone else.

“I was not crying because Miyanda cheated on me, I was crying because I was embarrassed,” he remarked

This breakup has sent shock-waves throughout the social media and vlogging communities, with fans and followers left divided over the accusations and counter-accusations.

While other fans are eagerly awaiting further developments and hoping for clarity regarding the ear-shattering relationship of these internet sensations, some are convinced this is just another social media stunt possessively done to gain numbers.

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