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‘I’m CEO of ruling party,’ Imenda claims he has powers to summon civil servants over CDF performance


United Parry for National Development (UPND) Secretary General, Batuke Imenda, says he has a right to summon civil servants who are not doing a good job in the implementation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Imenda claims that he has such powers because he is the Chief Executive Officer for the UPND party that was sending money to the constituencies.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday with Zambia Monitor, Imenda said in as much as the government had got their own mandate to monitor CDF projects, he also had a duty to ensure that the right things were being done so that he was not blamed for the loss of any election.

“Zambians still think that the UPND was doing nothing from the time it took over the government because the Members of Parliament were not doing enough and telling people the truth was what prompted him to start touring the country.

“I have a right to summon the civil servant as CEO of the ruling party, as a taxpayer and a Zambian. Anyone can do that, even the opposition, if the notice that the civil servants are not doing the right thing,” Imenda said.

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Imenda said even if he was an ordinary citizen, he would still summon civil servants adding that the fact that he was secretary general gave him more power to do it.

He also claimed that there was a silent fight over the ownership of CDF between the members of parliament from the ruling party and those from the opposition.

He explained that this was because some people were claiming that projects being undertaken in their constituencies were being funded using personal resources.

“In some constituencies people who were from the opposition having difficulties to access the money and the same happens if the Member of Parliament was the opposition which was not supposed to be the case because the money was for every one and must be distributed equally.

“They are applying a psychological sabotage in the application of the CDF so that voters may think that the new dawn government is doing nothing,” he said.

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