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Party leader, Chanda, condemns alleged disruption of ex-President Lungu’s visit to Malaila by UPND youths


United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) says it is appalled by the conduct of the police and youth wing of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) who attempted to prevent former President Edgar Lungu from attending the Malaila traditional ceremony.

A cabinet minister and Mambwe District Commissioner, Magjlasi Banda, have allegedly been named as persons that organized UPND youths to disrupt President Lungu’s itinerary in Malambo District.

UPPZ leader, Charles Chanda, said the incident in Malambo Constituency of Eastern Province leaves much to be desired, especially as President Hakainde Hichilema had promised zero tolerance to caderism.

He reminded the Zambia Police Service that their foremost duty was to promote and uphold law and order in the country.

“The physical obstruction of the former President and his delegation during their visit to the invitation of His Royal Highness Chief Nsefu of the Kunda people was uncalled for and unbecoming of a nation that upholds democratic principles,” Chanda said.

He further condemned the actions of UPND Youth who blocked the vehicle carrying the former President to the main arena.

Chanda said the former President had the same privileges and rights as every other Zambian, and his attendance at such events was purely at his own discretion and based on received invitation.

“Political affiliations should not divide a country, and the supporters of all political parties must not be intimidated and prevented from participating in national events,” he said.

Chanda said this behaviour had the potential to divide Zambia, and it was against the country’s democratic values.

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He said in a civilized society, such as Zambia with democratic tenets, all well-meaning Zambians should condemn the actions taken on Sunday in Malambo Constituency.

Chanda urged the UPND leadership to discipline its supporters and allow other political parties and leaders to attend national events freely without fear of intimidation.

“As a country, we must promote unity and peaceful coexistence. We should not allow political affiliations to interfere with our national development agenda,” he said.

Chanda noted the need to uphold democratic principles, respect human rights and work together towards a united and prosperous Zambia.

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