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Party leader, Imboela, alleges bias by women’s group, NGOCC, over silence on redeployment of Mhende


National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader, Saboi Imboela, has challenged women’s movement in the country to stand up and protect the interest of women, like the Registrar of Societies, Thandiwe Mhende, who are being allegedly victimized.

In a confidential letter dated November 13, 2023, Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Permanent Secretary, Dickson Matembo announced the transfer of Mhende to the Public Service Management Division (PSMD).

Matembo directed Mhende to report to the office of the Permanent Secretary at PSMD for further guidance, just after a few hours after she responded to a High Court order to release the list of office bearers of the Patriotic Front (PF).

Imboela told Zambia Monitor that the Non-Governmental Organization, Gender Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC), should move with the same speed it did when it went to show solidarity to Speaker of National Assembly, Nelly Mutti.

“Ealier on when the NGOCC went to see the Speaker, they made a statement that touch one women, touch us all, we would like to remind the NGOCC that just now the Registrar of Societies, Mhende has been transfered to the PSMD,” she said.

Imboela described the transfer of Mhende as victimization for only performing her duties and that the NGOCC and other women movement should stand up and fight on her behalf.

She said the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration had been abusing the Registrar of Societies in destabilizing the opposition party.

“Tell us where we shall meet, day and time, these are the women that need to be supported and not the Speaker who is busy abrogating the law because you want to be close to power and get jobs,” Imboela lamented.

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She noted that Mhende was only doing her job by releasing the list of Office Bearers for the PF as requested by the High Court hence the need to speak on her behalf and support her for doing the right thing.

Imboela questioned the silence of NGOCC on several cases involving women citing that of former PF Deputy Secretary General, Mumbi Phiri, and former Director of Public Prosecutions, Lillian Siyuni.

“You have led us before, so even this time around lead us, we are waiting, tell us where we shall meet. When are you going to support Mhende, these are the women that need your support. As women in this country , we are worried because women who do the right thing in terms of the Constitution are fired,” she said.

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