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PEP leader, Tembo, alleges political persecution as govt refuses to settle legal debt of K335,950


Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) leader, Sean Tembo, has written a letter of demand to Attorney-General, Kabesha Mulilo, demanding the payment of damages and costs amounting to K335, 950.

On March 15, 2018, Tembo commenced a matter in the High Court against the Zambia Police Service through the Attorney-General, for alleged violation of his, and his members freedoms and liberties of expression, assembly and association.

On September 30, 2019, the High Court ruled in favour of Tembo and his members and awarded damages plus costs, which totalled K335, 950.

Tembo in a letter dated September 22, 2023, however, noted with concern that the Attorney-General’s Office had refused, neglected and omitted to pay him and others the money despite several demand letters.

“To the contrary, your office has been very quick to enter into consent judgement with the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) members and supporters and pay compensation as high as K6,400,000 per person, despite the fact that the said ruling UPND members filed their matters way after we had obtained our judgement,” he said.

Tembo lamented that the Attorney-General’s action of refusing or neglecting to pay the money amounts to persecution on the basis of political affiliation.

He said this was in violation of several international laws including Article 7 (h) of the Rome Statute, which was the founding legislation of the International Criminal Court.

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“Additionally, your action of refusing or neglecting to honour Court judgements appear to be designed to prevent us from being able to obtain justice within the Republic of Zambia as it renders our local judicial system toothless,” Tembo said.

He had since asked the Attorney-General to inform him and his members when the said amount of money would be paid to them.

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