US embassy in Zambia fires 10 employees for alleged corrupt practices


The United States (US) Embassy in Zambia has fired 10 of its staff for fraud, corruption and misconduct.

The Embassy said this action doubles the number of American and Zambian staff whose employment has been terminated by the U.S. government over the past 18 months for fraud or corrupt practices.

According to statement issued in Lusaka and posted on the Website on Friday, the American embassy has called on stakeholders to help fight corruption

“Corruption undermines public services, national cohesion, and economic development. No organization is immune,” reads the statement.

The Embassy said it was precisely because the United States was also challenged by the scourge of corruption that the it takes such an active and robust role fighting corruption in Zambia.

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“We know that only by tackling current corruption, among our own teams, sometimes even among our favorite colleagues that we will succeed in eradicating this cancer from our societies,” it said.

The Embassy urged all institutions, public or private to join in enforcing tangible accountability to end corruption.

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