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Zambia Police warns Lungu’s PF faction to maintain the peace or face consequences


Zambia Police Service has warned Information and Publicity Chairperson, Emmanuel Mwamba, of the Edgar Lungu-led Patriotic Front (PF) faction to reconsider his actions and intentions.

Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, said Mwamba’s call for mass action and a nationwide shutdown, without proper authorization, can lead to serious disruptions, potential harm to individuals and damage to public and private property.

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Hamoonga stressed that engaging in unlawful activities, including those that disrupt public order or safety, was a violation of the law and may result in legal consequences.

He further urged Mwamba to express his concerns and grievances through peaceful and legal means.

“This warning serves as an opportunity for Mr Mwamba to make an informed decision regarding his course of action. We hope that he will act responsibly and consider the potential consequences of his actions,” Hamoonga said.

He noted while freedom of speech was a fundamental right, there are limits to that freedom, especially when it posed a potential threat to public safety or incites unlawful activities.

On October 4, 2022, Emmanuel Mwamba in a post on his Facebook handle encouraged members of the general public to work together as a family to regain our democracy and respect for the Constitution by participating in large protests and a nationwide shutdown.

Mwamba further said that to protect democracy, it was important that well-intentioned Zambians fight to defend the Constitution and democracy.

“This amendment to the Patriotic Front Office Bearers remains illegal.” he stated.

“Like the illegal changes at Parliament or anywhere else, the Extra-Ordinary General Conference that made Miles Sampa PF President remains illegal and was held outside the provisions of the Patriotic Front Constitution,” he added.

Furthermore, Mwamba alleged that parliament, the courts, and the Registrar of Societies would not bring justice.

Mwamba also warned that the PF party would not be taken over by someone put in place by President Hakainde Hichilema.

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