Zambia records 2,270 cases of cholera, with 52 deaths in 2023, says Health Minister


Zambia has recorded at least 2,270 cases of cholera since its out break in 2023, with 52 deaths confirmed, says Health Minister, Sylvia Masebo.

Masebo indicated that the outbreak had been in Lusaka Province, and recently moved to Eastern Province namely in Vubwi and Petauke districts.

The minister told Journalists at a media briefing on Monday that since the last update on November 25, 2023, there had been an increase in cases demanding heightened attention and concerted efforts.

“From October, 2023 to date, we have recorded a total of 1,385 cases in Lusaka Province with 36 deaths. Nationally, we note 2,270 cumulative cases with 52 lives lost since January 26, 2023,” she said.

Masebo added that in Lusaka province, there were cases in Luangwa, Chongwe and Chilanga districts and as of December 13, 2023, Eastern Province had reported cases from Vubwi (1) and Petauke (2).

She said the two cases from Petauke were pending laboratory confirmation.

“In admission currently we have 90 cases in the following facilities Chilenje (1), Kanyama (29), Chawama (13), Matero (10), Kalingalinga (9), Mtendere (4), Bauleni (3), Chelstone (1), Chipata Cholera Treatment Center (3), Ngwerere in Chongwe (6), Tubalange in Chilanga (8), Vubwi district hospital (1), Minga mission hospital (1) and Nkwewankwa mini hospital (1),” Masebo revealed.

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She said government had put in place several measures to prevent the spread of the disease and emphasized that the biggest stakeholder in cholera prevention and control was the general public.

The Minister further stated that the government had since released K2.9 million towards the Cholera outbreak fight.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Director for Infectious Diseases Professor Lloyd Mulenga said Lusaka Province had recorded three more cholera-related deaths, bringing the total number to 60 since the disease broke out.

“Cumulatively, the country recorded 74 cases of cholera and from this nunber, Lusaka was the highest with 70 followed by Eastern Province with 4 cases,” Mulenga stated.

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