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Copperbelt Minister, Matambo, claims ruling party, UPND, meeting people’s expectations


Zambia’ Copperbelt province minister Elisha Matambo  has said the United Party for National Development  has performed  to people’s expectations.

Speaking on Saturday at the end of year media briefing in the commercial capital ,Ndola ,Matambo said the introduction of free education  and  the increase in the  Constituency Development Fund (CDF)  had been some of the milestones in 2022.

He said  the  government had  invested huge sums of money in training the youths in various skills through the CDF and other government scholarships.

“ The successful implementation of the free education policy is benefitting many children across the country and an appeal is being made to all parents to enroll their children in public schools which are free from grade one to twelve,” Matambo  said.

He said  increased CDF which had  components of community projects, empowerment and scholarships is transforming lives, development was being taken to all parts of the country at the same time.

Matambo added  that since coming into power, the UPND administration had increased beneficiaries and allocation to social cash, increased empowerment opportunities and a  robust economic growth.

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“We  have also  brought  down inflation from 24 percent  to 9.9 percent,  media freedom has been restored , ending cadreism and embarking on the fight against corruption where stolen resources are being recovered,”  he said.

Matambo said the  people of Copperbelt  were  happy with  President Hakainde Hichilema for abolishing the infamous death penalty and scrapping the defamation of the President from the penal code.

He  however,  said opposition political parties  should   refrain from abusing  freedom of speech.

Matambo urged Zambians  to guard the peace jealously as this did not come on the silver platter but a result of serious hard work by the new dawn government.

“People fought hard and sacrificed their lives in order to gain peace and freedom being enjoyed.,” he said.

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