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Golden Party alleges systematic stealing of state resources by UPND, govt officials


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has been accused of practicing white collar plundering of national resources through the unorthodox strategy of suing the state for compensation by government and party officials.

Opposition Golden Party Zambia president, Jackson Silavwe, alledged that there was huge number of senior government, UPND officials and friends of the Republican President suing the State for compensation which raises concerns.

He said the irony of these cases was that they were settled and compensated out of court in which an individual was paid huge sums of money by the state.

“Already a number of people close to the Republican President have been paid off by the state,” Silavwe said in an interview on Saturday.

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Silavwe said President Hakainde Hichilema and his lieutenants either had sued the state or planning to do so which was worrying to how far they were willing to go to plunder this country.

He said the the objective of traditional corruption and white collar plunder of national resources was the same, to make individuals or a group of people yielding state power to benefit themselves from public money.

“In white collar plundering of national resources individuals with state power hide in state process to access as much public money as possible to satisfy their perceived grievances. This must be stopped immediately.

“The latest being the Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali who has sued the state and demands for damages for assault which could only be described as white collar plunder of national resources,” he said.

Silavwe has challenged Transport Minister to resign from government and have his day in court and not settle the matter out of court.

He said a state where senior officials placed individuals benefits was dangerous to its citizens.

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