Govt moves to avert shortages of mealie meal, opens borders to imports


Zambia has for the first time in many years resolved to import mealie meal as a result of serious shortages of the commodity caused by maize exports.

Citizens, especially in border areas, are allegedly currently experiencing serious shortages of mealie meal and are only required to buy one bag of the commodity each.

In trying to curb this shortage, government has resorted to importation of the commodity.

In a letter dated April 4, 2023 to the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI), the imported mealie meal will be free of the import sur-charge as an incentive.

The letter was signed by Agriculture Minister, Mtolo Phiri.

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“This is to confirm that government is desirous to brining in mealie meal not maize into the country in order to satisfy the overwhelming demand the country is experiencing along its borders.

“You are, therefore, encouraged to inform your members and other trading groups in the country to import mealie meal. On its part, the government will quicken the process of issuing the import and import permits. As an incentive, the imported mealie meal will be free of the import sur-charge.

ZACCI president, Chabuka Kawesha, confirmed receiving the letter from the ministry of agriculture.

Kawesha said ZACCI members were being encouraged to take this opportunity to import mealie meal and leverage on the quicken process related to acquisition of import permit(s).

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“ZACCI is in receipt of a notice from Government through the Ministry of Agriculture dated 4th April, 2023, that it is desirous to promote the importation of mealie meal and not maize into the Country in order to satisfy the overwhelming demand the country is experiencing.

“On this framework, Zambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ZACCI) is pleased to share this notice and encourage interested parties take opportunity of this additional measure in our liberalised business marketspace,” he said.

Kawesha said as Zambia continued to promote and enhance Public – Private dialogue interaction for business and investment growth, ZACCI encouraged all Provincial Chambers, District Chambers, and Member Associations to take this message into their local business communities.

“If you identify unseen rigidities at this stage, you are encouraged to feedback directly to the Ministry of Agriculture, or its various representative points or through your local Chamber to ZACCI,” he said.

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