Govt told to educate citizens on factors delaying announcement of investors for KCM, Mopani mines


Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) says it is time government tells citizens the areas of disagreement with would-be investors regarding Mopani and Konkola Copper Mine (KCM).

CTPD Lead Researcher Extractives, Elijah Mumba, said it was not just about announcing the investors who were taking over the mines but people needed to know the factors and the conditions the investors and the ministry of mines were failing to agree on.

He told journalists on Monday that while CTPD were urging the government to quicken the process of finding the investor for the two mines, they must also make sure that Zambia got a fair deal.

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“Government needs to look at several other factors before selecting the investor for the two mines rather than just focusing on the financial muscle to invest and technical abilities.

“Our view is that they have to look at whether the investor is able to comply to the regulations so that the communities where these mines are sitting can benefit,” Mumba said.

Meanwhile, CTPD Executive Director, Isaac Mwaipopo, called for the review of incentives that government had been providing to the mining sector because the output was not commensurate to what the country was putting in.

Mwaipopo said government had provided a number of incentives to the mining sector but the way the sector had performed in the first half of 2023 left much to be desired.

“It would be very important that government relooks at some of the incentives that it has been providing to the mining sector and access the extent to which they were effective in stimulating the growth of the mining sector.

“Government should facilitate the process of formalising artisanal and small-scale miners help improve their contribution to the overall production and ensure better safety environment practices,” he said.

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