Information and Media PermSec rubbishes claims by ex-diplomat, Tukuta, on reported appointment


Controversial ex-diplomat, Chellah Tukuta, is in the news once more.

Tukuta took to social media to claim that he had landed a new job at the Zambia Daily Mail barely a month after being recalled from foreign service.

Tukuta stated that he was the new Deputy Editor in charge of Photography and Chief Photographer at the public media institution.

The socialite went a step further to even thank President Hakainde Hichilema for the ‘appointment’.

“Thank you President Hakainde Hichilema for my new appointment as Deputy Editor in charge of Photography and Chief Photographer at the Zambia Daily Mail,” Tukuta wrote on his Facebook page.

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Just when congratulatory messages started filtering through Tukuta’s page, Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana, advised the public to dismiss the announcement with the contempt it deserved.

Kawana said there was no such title at the public media institution as the one being claimed by Tukuta.

He also stated that the President would not be involved in such an appointment.

In a strong response on his Facebook page, Kawana went as far as challenging Tukuta to produce the letter of appointment.

“We take the opportunity to inform the public that no such positions as “Deputy Editor in Charge of Photography” and “Chief Photographer” at the Zambia Daily Mail exist.

It follows, therefore, that no such appointment can be made or has been made and the public is encouraged to ask those claiming to have been appointed, to produce the purported letter/s of appointment.

Further, the public was informed that no matter how close the presidency may get to the people, the Presidency cannot and can never be the one to appoint any person to such technical positions that deal with videos, images, audios, graphics or indeed sounds.

The development has been greeted by a wide array of reactions.

One Facebook user mocked the PS saying his previous post as Director Spokesperson equally never existed.

“Thabo Kawana bossele, your previous position did not also exist before your appointment!The new dawn is capable of abracadabra….
Yalikaba,” a comment read on the Permanent Secretary’s page.

Others feel Tukuta should learn to keep quiet instead of always posting on social media.

“Chellah also should learn to keep quiet sometimes. He’ll be doing himself alot of Favor,” a Facebook user wrote.

Another Facebook user said: “Sir will only get this information seriously if you arrest such individuals appointing themselves. Otherwise we have leadership crisis in UPND you can not make bold decision’s amongst yourselves guys you need to be serious you are not in opposition you have a country to look after.”

Tukuta who has had celebrated brushes with the law was pardoned in August 2021 by then Head of State, Edgar Lungu, before he handed over power to President Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema then appointed Tukuta as a member of the media team at State House.

However, in September last year news of his appointment as a diplomat in Brazil came to public light.

It was a position he would hold for over a year until being recalled recently from foreign service.

Last month Tukuta announced that he was recalled from foreign service but claimed that he would never suffer because of his photography skills.

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