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News of ex-President Lungu’s return to politics breaks the internet. Here are some screen shots


Sixth President, Edgar Lungu’s shock announcement that he has returned to active politics has broken the internet with mixed views on social media.

Most online media platforms are buzzing owing to publication of this massive piece of breaking news.

Some netizens have welcomed the move while others think the former President should have just maintained his statesman status as a former Head of State.

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One Facebook account holder who commented on the Patriotic Front page that published the live feed of the announcement said government must now stop paying Lungu’s rentals.

“Very good, and it’s high time government stops paying for his rentals.”

Others can hardly wait for the 2026 general election which promises to be a crunch contest following today’s development.

“Can’t wait for 2026! We shall vote again!!! 😂,” one social media user commented.

Some netizens questioned the genuiness of senior party officials who were seen applauding Lungu’s announcement in the video.

“Are those cheers by the presidential aspirants genuine?” a Facebooker commented.

Social media enthusiasts could not resist flooding the page of Miles Sampa, who has been at the centre of a power struggle in the former ruling party, in recent times.

They took advantage of a post unveiling the Central Committee of Sampa’s faction.

“Stop wasting your time. The Boss is back!,” one supposed party sympathizer wrote.

A social media user asked Sampa, in the comment section, if he had missed the memo.

“Ninshi honorable you are not aware that ECL is back.”

A supporter of the Matero MP however said the announcement by Lungu will not affect anything.

“So, you people think ECL announcing that his back ninshi Miles has lost? 😂😂😂..the game has just changed names it’s now Miles Vs ECL in court to determine whose the legitimate PF president. As things stand, the courts position is as of throwing out Nakachinda’ injunction lol.”

In recent months, there has been heavy speculation linking the former President to a return to active politics

Lungu who made a public address at the late PF founder and President Michael Sata’s memorial today used the occasion to announce his return to active politics.

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Ex-President Lungu returns to active politics, putting to rest months of speculations

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