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NGP leader, Siulapwa, hints at partnering with UPND, warns on dangers of unemployment


New Generation Party (NGP) leader, Humphrey Siulapwa, has harped on the need to create about 10 million jobs in Zambia.

He also warns Zambians against bringing back the ex-ruling party, the Patriotic Front (PF), describing the former ruling party as a party of ‘thugs’.

Siulupwa, who has not been in active politics for over 10 years, said he was ready to work with the ruling party to create jobs.

“Maybe I won’t be President, jobs for all foundation, Zambia needs 10 million jobs to succeed, opposition should also create jobs, not just attacking those in power,” he said.

Siulapwa said during Prime television’s governance talk-show on Saturday that the two things that would determine the ruling party’s stay in power would be fighting political violence and creation of jobs.

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He said as a patriotic Zambian, he would not wait to be president to contribute to the country’s economic emancipation.

“The UPND has got two things to deliver on peace through having non-tolerance to political violence, UPND has  scored in this area, if the ruling party fails to create jobs in 2026 they will be fired by Zambians,” Siulapwa said.

He said the country needs to create in excess of 10 million jobs if the country is to reduce high poverty levels.

Siulupwa said the 10 years he has been in the United States had been a learning curve for him, hence he wants to provide the country with new ideas on how to create employment.

“There is a need to create reasonable jobs, not just talking, not teachers, the majority of young people need jobs,” he said.

Siulapwa said Zambians should not make a mistake of electing the PF back to power, vowing that he would ‘massively’ campaign against the former ruling party’s attempt at coming back.

“PF are thugs, do not make a mistake to allow them back, I am ready to de-campaign them, this time I will succeed, I failed to do so in 2011 because they were elected in,” he said.

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