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Party leader, Kateka, faults govt moves to have gold scandal case held in camera, alleges hidden agenda


New Heritage Party leader, Chishala Kateka, has said that the move by the State to apply for Goldgate Scandal case proceedings to be held in camera would further fuel the already existing mistrust in government among Zambians.

Chief State Advocate, Nkumbiza Mumba, had applied that the proceedings should be held in camera, claiming that there was sensitive information associated with the case that cannot warrant an open court hearing.

Mumba told the court that such information would not only be prejudicial to the interest of the state but also sensitive to some members of public.

Kateka in a statement issued in Lusaka on Saturday, however said Zambians wanted to know that their wealth was safe and who was involved amongst the bigwigs in the country.

She stated that the request by ‘the State’ would raise a lot of questions and this would not bode well for them.

“There is a lot of distrust in the country (what with all the various lies that the nation has been told) from the State right now,” Kateka said.

She emphasized that when the Goldgate scam broke, and Kasanda, with the Egyptians were caught and put in cells, this became a case of national interest.

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Kateka added that as more people relating to the same case were rounded up, it transpired that some names from State House were mentioned and public curiosity was stirred up.

“When it was revealed that the impounded plane/s were parked at the Presidential pavilion, this set tongues really wagging,” she said.

Kateka questioned the motive behind the application by the state and who it was allegedly shielding in the process.

“Dear ‘the State’ – expect these and many more of such questions from Zambians as this is a very high profile case and is of great national interest,” she said.

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