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Presidential aide denies Hichilema belongs to Freemason society


President Hakainde Hichilema is not a Freemason but a true Christian who has also reaffirmed Zambia as a Christian nation, says Levy Ngoma, the Special Assistant to the President for politics.

Ngoma said Zambia will forever remain a Christian nation as declared by the second Republican President Dr. Fredrick Chiluba and there is no room for vices such as homosexuality.

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He said those who are engaging in such vices will meet the full wrath of the law because allowing such will dent the country’s image of being a Christian nation.

“Being a Christian and an elder in the Church, he has reaffirmed his position not to support Homosexual practices and gay rights in Zambia,” Ngoma said.

Addressing congregants at Gilgal Mission Centre Church in Lusaka’s Chelston area on Sunday, Ngoma also called on the church to come out and condemn such activities and people who have been calling the president as a Freemason.

He also said the Head of State reaffirmed the right to life by abolishing the death penalty and today Zambia is among few countries on Earth that have abolished the death penalty from their statutes.

“Bishop, Brothers and Sisters , President HH and government shall not stand in the way of the church. Going forward we encourage the church to continue with its role as a voice for the down trodden, the salt of the nation and light to shine in darkness,” Ngoma said.

And Ngoma has also called on the church to condemn tribalism which is being championed by some individuals with I’ll intentions of dividing the nation at all cost.

“Bishop, Brothers and Sisters, we must as citizens stand together and fight the evil talk of tribalism in our country, this vice has no place and should not be entertained. We are one people as d demonstrated by our founding fathers. This generation and generations to come should not take different route. We are one! One Zambia One nation! That’s who we are,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gilgal Mission Centre Church Overseer Bishop Joston Chama has called on Presidential appointees to understand President Hichilema’s vision for the country in order to avoid misrepresenting him.

Pastor Chama said the Church stands ready to offer counsel and guidance to government and other leaders when called upon on any issue affecting the nation.

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