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Socialist Party accuses ruling party of plunging Zambia into poverty, hunger in two years of governance


The Socialist Party has alleged that the United Party for National Development (UPND) had in the last two years of being in power brought misery to the majority of Zambians.

Socialist Party Copperbelt Provincial Secretary, Brian Chirambo, who accused President Hakainde Hichilema’s government of plunging Zambia into serious poverty and hunger, said the ruling party had failed to find solutions to the worsening crisis.

He alleged in an interview on Monday with Zambia Monitor that the UPND had failed to find solutions to the worsening poverty and hunger in communities as evidenced in rising prices of mealie meal and other essential commodities.

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“There is absolutely nothing for Zambians to celebrate the two years of UPND in government, nothing. How do you celebrate the sky-rocketing prices of mealie meal and other essential commodities? UPND found mealie meal between K90 and K120 in PF, but now mealie meal is almost K300.

“When you talk about the sky-rocketing prices of mealie meal and other essential commodities, the UPND leadership becomes arrogant and defensive. UPND has not only exhibited mediocrity in its two years in government, but has brought misery on the faces of the majority poverty-stricken Zambians,” Chirambo said

He expressed regretted that the UPND leadership had always been defensive and arrogant whenever reminded of its campaign promises and the people’s concerns over mealie meal prices

Chirambo accused the UPND government of failing to provide leadership and make right decisions in mining, agriculture and other sectors, thereby worsening poverty and hunger in the Copperbelt province which it said was once economically vibrant.

He further alleged that instead of investing in agriculture and making right decisions in mining and other sectors, the UPND had in two years concentrated on advancing the personal and business interests of its partners.

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