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‘Time to redeem your image,’ judiciary workers tell newly appointed constitutional judges


The newly appointed President of the Constitutional Court judge, Margaret Munalula, and her team have been urged to work towards regaining the confidence which has been lost by members of the public.

The Judicial and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (JAWUZ) regretted that members of the public had lost confidence in the judicial system.

Union president Peter Mwale said it was therefore time for the constitutional court to redeem itself and regain the confidence from the members of the public that they lost.

Mwale who welcomed the appointment of the Constitutional Judges and other judges said it was not a secret that the constitutional court disappointed the courts in the manner the Court passed judgments that came from there.

He described Munalula as a seasoned judge in an interview in Lusaka on Tuesday.

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“The country will see a difference, as more often than never, the country used to see judgments coming from the Constitutional Court bringing more division which he said caused members of the public to lose confidence in the Constitutional Court,” Mwale said.

Mwale wanted to see decisions once they were passed in the Courts of Law, to settle arguments than confusion which he said was not the case during the previous government.

He has further called on judges who have been appointed to be above board and prove to the public that they are there to serve the people of Zambia and not themselves.

“The Union wants to see reasonable judgments coming from these judges as well as quick dispersion of justice saying there is a backlog of cases in the High Court because cases take long due to inadequate man power in the courts.

“Zambia’s population is growing and as you know the country needs more judges to be appointed going forward,” Mwale said.

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