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‘Use your freedom responsibly’, ruling UPND warns against attacks on President Hichilema


The attacks against President Hakainde Hichilema by the opposition using vulgar language are irresponsible and offensive, says the United Party for National Development (UPND).

UPND Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta condemned the alleged vulgar and distasteful language used by the opposition Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) party leader, Kelvin Bwalya Fube against the President.

The alleged comments were broadcast on Diamond Television interview that was televised live.

“We wish to condemn in the strongest terms Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s vulgar and distasteful language which he used against President Hakainde Hichilema, in the Diamond TV interview that was carried live.

“His use of words such as irresponsible, liar, incompetent, circus referring to the President of the Republic of Zambia is in itself irresponsible, offensive and has the potential to ignite lawlessness, and we don’t want and will not support that against our political adversaries,” Mwaliteta said in a statement issued on Tuesday in Lusaka.

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He said the UPND appreciated the excitement by the opposition over their newly found freedom of speech.

He however warned the need to exercise this right responsibly, while bearing in mind that Hichilema had law abiding supporters who must not be pushed too far.

“Who is a liar between a President who promised to employ 41,000 teachers and health workers and did so within a year of becoming President, and a person who woke up a Judge at night to sign dubious papers, to usher in the most corrupt and reckless government in the history of Zambia?

“Who is incompetent between a President who has brought down a runaway inflation to a single digit and a man who was suspended by the Law Association of Zambia for being crooked?” Mwaliteta asked.

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He warned Fube to exercise his checks and balances with sobriety and maturity.

“He must not throw stones in a glass house because we are capable of exposing him even further than this. We will not tolerate anyone insulting the Republican President under the guise of freedom of speech,” Mwaliteta said.

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