Young talented and humble model Victoria Bianca Kanshiwa says that modelling gives her an opportunity to express herself in the art.

She is a full time model, based in Ndola, trying to make her mark on the Zambian modelling scene.

Victoria is the current holder of the Miss Eco-Zambia 2020 runner up, and is the Winner of the Miss Christian Zambia 2020.

Speaking in an interview, Victoria says that her zeal and constant watching of western modelling shows motivated her to get into art.

“I have always been a fan of myself, and want to get ahead in the fashion industry, while also growing up watching modelling shows such as ‘America’s Next Top model’ which really inspired me, with my role model being Tyra Banks. I thought that one day I will walk the stage.

It also encouraged me to practice my walk, posing, and looks, and from there on I have done pageants and realised it’s something I can pursue as a full figure model, while also receiving positive feedback from pageants, which has encouraged me to push on,” she says.

Victoria says to become a good model requires one not change her characteristics on the inside and outside, by being yourself, for you and doing what you love.

One thing she likes about modelling is the chance to fulfill her
career city for the modelling industry, as it gives her an opportunity to immense herself in an exciting environment where she meets new people as she grows.

she says 2022 has been a real game changer and challenger for her as it has pushed her to make better choices towards her modelling career.