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We recognize that in the age of festering disinformation, access to credible intelligence, driven by data and fact-based reporting, is critical to building resilient and sustainable societies.

We are, therefore, passionate about data, the environment, human rights and developmental journalism, but not without a commitment to holding leadership accountable to the people.

Beyond our invaluable contributions to policy and governance, our pursuit for equity and justice for all Zambians also finds vent in giving a voice to the under-represented and most vulnerable.

We pledge responsible journalism and hold true the maxim that, ‘Opinions are free but facts, sacred.’ Our culture is defined by this understanding, with a promise to deliver all sides to a story.

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To be Zambia’s leading mobile news platform noted for breaking stories, data-driven content and fact-based journalism.

To investigate, analyze and report breaking stories on Zambia, with particular focus on governance, policy, human rights and sustainable development.

Zambia Monitor hosts a captive community of readers spread across the nation, comprising not only of young Zambians but upwardly mobile men and women who are seeking to understand new patterns in Zambian politics, economy, lifestyle, entertainment, education, environmental issues and sports, among others.

Potential advertisers and marketing agencies will find Zambia Monitor a one-stop mall for cost-effective campaigns designed for brand promotions, positioning, and projection.

Zambia Monitor is a blend of award-winning talents, with cross-sectoral experience spanning policy, governance, economy and lifestyle.