Gender-based violence rises to 42,965 cases in 2023, against 33,536 in 2022, Police records show


Zambia Police Service recorded 42,965 cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in 2023 out of which 30,021 were criminal cases, with 137 listed murder cases.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, said the murder victims included 68 women, 37 men, 20 boys and 12 girls.

In a statement issued on Friday, Mwale indicated that 24,989 women, 7,574 men and 10, 402 children were reportedly abused out of which 8, 200 were criminal cases comprising 6,311 girls and 1,889 boys.

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“Out of the 24,989 women and 7,574 men who were abused, 17,489 women and 4,332 men were abused under the criminal case category respectively,” he stated.

He also said police recorded 1,238 GBV cases during the 2023 16 days of activism against GBV comprising 148 men, 804 women, 46 boys and 240 girls.

“In terms of gender vulnerability, a total of 32,558 females and 10,407 males were abused countrywide during the period under review,” Mwale added.

He pointed out that a total number of 1,835 men, 8,642 women, 2,958 girls and 1,079 boys were counseled under the criminal case category whereas 1,401 men, 3,193 women, 630 girls and 549 boys received counselling as offenders under the non-criminal case category.

“Police referred 2,115 victims of GBV under the non–criminal category to other institutions for further support,” he revealed.

Furthermore, the police records, as read by Mwale, showed that 33,536 cases of GBV were recorded in 2022 out of which 103 were murder cases.

“And Police recorded 1,238 GBV cases during the 2023 16 Days of Activism against GBV comprising 148 men, 804 women, 46 boys and 240 girls. In 2022, Police recorded 690 cases of GBV during the same period,” he noted.

He explained that 45 victims and 35 offenders were counseled during the 16 days of activism against GBV.

“In 2022 Police officers counseled 165 victims and 97 offenders,” Mwale stressed.

He said under forms of abuse reported, the highest reports filed were under physical abuse totaling 16,588 of the 42,965 GBV reports received.

“Under the criminal case category, totaling 30,021 cases, 16,588 were under physical abuse against 13,352 cases recorded in 2022,” Mwale revealed.

He further stated that out of the 30,021 criminal cases recorded, police recorded 7,121 reports of economic abuse compared with 5,657 cases in 2022.

In the period under review, about 4,266 reports of sexual abuse were recorded out of 42,965 GBV reports as compared with 3,689 cases in 2022.

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