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Ex-president Lungu cautions against arrogance by political office holders


Former President, Edgar Lungu, has advised against arrogant postures by those in power.

He cautioned those in government to consult widely on the country’s current difficulties.

The former Head of State, made the appeal in Lusaka on Sunday when he attended an Easter Service at Liberty Life Assembly.

“I avoid being arrogant but sometimes it just comes automatically, my message is please ask your neighbour and he may know better, don’t be ashamed to ask your neighbour how they sorted out problems,” Lungu advised.

He said it was important for those in government to consult on the country’s economic challenges such as the impact of climate change.

Lungu said climate change was the biggest problem not only in Zambia but across the globe.

He said to tackle this, concerted efforts were needed from all stakeholders including himself.

He claimed to understand the several challenges the country was facing, like other former leaders, and it was critical for everyone to rise to occasion.

“When I was president I spoke about climate change and someone said it was lack of vision but today we are vindicated that climate change is real,” Lungu said.

He said there was no need for “arrogance” over the issues affecting Zambians but that should instead listen to those advising them.

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“In one of the languages I know we say ukususha ilungu kwenda, umuchele ukufina untu ausendele (the weight of salt is felt by the person carrying it),” Lungu said.

The former President also launched the book; “Faith in a Changing Climate: The Negative impact of environmental degradation on Christian Practices and beliefs”.

He was accompanied by the United Kwacha Alliance
(UKA) led by Sakwiba Sikota and Patriotic Front (PF) members of the Central Committee and Members of Parliament.

Lungu described Mambilima Constituency Member of Parliament, Jean Chisenga, as a “prophetess” because she saw what others were unable to see.

“Let me say this young lady is a prophess, she saw what others could not see, she had a vision about what she said in Parliament,” he said.

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