In viral video, party leader, Kalaba, clashes with journalist over purported documentary on gold


A video has emerged on social media where Zimbabwean journalist Simba Chikanza is seen confronting Citizens First leader Harry Kalaba.

In the viral video, which was shot by himself, Chikanza is heard accusing Kalaba of conniving with the Zimbabwean prophet to make Angel look clean in the face of allegations of money laundering involving gold.

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An emotional Chikanza lashed out at Kalaba for defending what he termed as illegal activities that are causing the Zimbabweans to suffer.

“My name is Simba Chikanza, an Al Jazeera journalist. I am behind the gold mafia documentary that you discredited. I have investigated Uebert Angel’s origins. What is happening honourable Kalaba is that you are a senior politician and these are Zimbabwean people who are voting today. Many of them are being beaten up and assaulted,” he said.

The confrontation took place in an unknown
store and location.

The journalist claimed in the video that he baited Kalaba into meeting by tricking him into believing that an i-Phone 15, a version of the gadget that does not even exist

Kalaba on the other hand defended himself counter-accusing the reporter of peddling an agenda.

The politician denied to Chikanza’s face any involvement in the alleged gold scandal.

On the phone, the former Foreign Affairs Minister said he had not even used the said phone before.

The two were in a heated argument before Kalaba decided to walk away.

Shortly after, an identified man believed to be the politician’s bodyguard is captured questioning what the problem was before proceeding to rough up the United Kingdom based scribe.

The video is currently trending receiving different reactions on the internet.

Some have sided with Kalaba saying what Chikanza did was unethical whilst other internet users have supported the journalist for his courage.

In apparent response to the incident, Kalaba posted a cryptic message on social media quoting the Bible, a status update that has since gone by viral.

“Morning fellow Citizens!
…For the battle is not yours but God’s.
2Chronicles 20:15.”

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