Another tragedy reported in Chingola as man dies while scavenging for copper


Sorrow and grief has again gripped the mining town of Chingola as police report the death of an informal miner who perished while in search of copper.

From emerging reports, a month barely passes without a casualty as youths continue mining in unsafe environment despite the December 2023 mining tragedy that killed more than 30, about 20 of whom have not been retrieved.

In a statement on Tuesday, Copperbelt Police Chief, Peacewell Mweemba, revealed that another illegal miner, Samuel Lingweli, aged 18 of Maiteneke was involved in a mine accident while searching for copper at Cop A Dump Site Chingola.

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A pile of earth and rocks seemed to have collapsed and fell on him as he sustained a broken neck and spinal cord while bleeding from both sides of the mouth and nose.

He was later retrieved and rushed to Chawama Mini Hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.

The body was later taken to Nchanga North General Hospital mortuary .

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