‘Anyone can hold a mic and mime,’ Chester speaks on need for artistes to do live performances


Zambian popular musician, Chester, whose real name is, Moses Ng’andwe, has shared his journey and passion for music, while trying to make a point for himself in the music industry.

The singer recently joined Kalandanya Music promotions, which holds artistes such as Macky2, Chef 187, Rich Bizzy, Dandy Crazy, Shenky and JK.

Speaking in an interview, Ng’andwe said singing was a calling from God, for him to do something better with life.

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“Music has been a passion for me, and singing has been a gift from God, talent being a special ability to do something good. (fyamumulopa fye) “It’s in My Blood” , I started as far back when I was young in grade 6, I used to play the keyboard in church, and eventually became serious when I completed my grade 12,” he said.

After finishing grade 12, Chester released his first single “Kamalasha” in Kitwe, which he followed up with others like “Belinda Nafwa”, ‘Shonongo’, ‘Nchingeni abanandi’,‘Ndeya Nzale’, ‘Bwalwa bule bomba’ as well as ‘Banjo’.

The artiste feels that musicians need to go back to full live performances, unlike the miming that is popularly seen on stage.

“I feel that it is a good idea to start live performances now, anyone can hold a microphone and mime to a song, even a fan, that is why our management at our record label has been training us every week to get back to live performing and not just miming, I feel that way the locals enjoy the show better, we should not be miming like little children,” he said.

Ng’andwe said the music industry had greatly improved tremendously as exposure to promoters had increased.

“The music industry has improved greatly, artistes are now able to meet a lot of promoters who groom musicians as well as the music industry to go in the right direction, but back in the days it was very difficult for artistes to develop and peer through the industry, its improving,” he said.

Touching on musicians producing songs for political parties, the singer said that everyone had a right to support their choice, in order to earn an extra income.

“The money we make as musicians is not enough, and at times when an opportunity to earn an extra income presents itself we use it, and that is a choice of every citizen to do what they feel is right in order to put food on the table,” he said.

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