Celebrity blogger, Chitambala, to know fate Dec. 28 as court sets date over case of malicious damage to property


Outspoken blogger, Simon Mwewa Chitambala, has been found with a case to answer by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for malicious damage to property.

Magistrate Fine Mayambu in her ruling said the Prosecution had established a case against Chitambala.

“I have made a quick perusal and the evidence on record shows that the Prosecution have made a prima facie case against the accused and hereby put him on his defence,” Magistrate Mayambu said.

But Chitambala, who was representing himself, decided to remain silent, thus, the Court would render its judgement on December 28, 2023.

Earlier, Magistrate Mayambu scolded the defendent for missing sessions.

This was the return of bench warrant, with Chitambala having told the Court that his absence was because he had mixed the two dates of October 31 and November 17, 2023.

The Court threatened to revoke his police bond and have him detained.

Meanwhile, a witness, Detective Sergeant, James Lungu of City Market police post, testified that Chitambala maliciously damaged tyres of Toyota Hiace vehicle belonging to a complainant, Ricky Nyimbili.

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Lungu said on June 2, this year, Nyimbili had parked his mini bus on Kalusha Bwalya road waiting for his turn to load passengers.

The officer said, the defendant used a sharp instrument to deflate two tyres without saying a word to the complainant.

The total value of the tyres was estimated to be K4,600.

“He said that he did not deflate the tyres from the car parked on Kalusha Bwalya road but the one on Simon Mwewa Lane which obstructed the road. I was not satisfied with his reply and I charged and arrested him for the subject offence,” the court was told.

Meanwhile, ex-Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, George Magwende, has discontinued the matter in which he sued Social media blogger, Simon Mwewa Chitambala, after the latter apologised for alleging that he was corrupt and paid monies to procure substandard drugs under the Asian-Zambian drug cartel.

Magwende notified the Court that Chitambala had shown remorse by rendering an apology,thus,discontinuing proceedings against him.

“Take notice that the defendant having published an apology on June 16,2023, to the defamatory remarks made against the plaintiff herein, the plaintiff has with immediate effect wholly discontinued this matter commenced against the defendent on June 1 2023,” read the notice.

In his statement of claim, Magwende alleged that Chitambala who runs online media known as ‘Simon Mwewa Lane TV’ both on Facebook and YouTube, published defamatory remarks which had a negative bearing on his persona and profession.

He claimed that Chitambala published the defamatory statements on April 15,2023, headlined, ”The Asian-Zambian Pharmaceutical cartel and how PS, officers undermine the Minister of Health.”

Magwende claimed that the words in their natural meaning meant that he was corrupt as he was paid monies to procure substandard drugs.

It further connoted that the ex-PS abused his authority of office when he purportedly colluded with other named individuals and orchestrated the alleged procurement and supply of substandard drugs, at the expense of the Zambian people.

Magwende said the defamatory publications also meant that he was part of the said drug cartel.

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