Court finds man guilty of defiling mentally retarded juvenile


Lusaka Resident Magistrate, Mutinta Mwenya, has convicted a 35-year-old man of Garden House compound for defiling a mentally retarded juvenile.

Magistrate Mwenya found Israel Zulu guilty of defilement of an imbecile and committed him to the High Court for sentencing.

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She said evidence showed that the accused knew the child was mentally retarded but chose to have carnal knowledge of her.

The trial Magistrate added that Zulu in his testimony had told the court that on the day of the incident, the victim had asked for a K10 and troubled him for food.

Magistrate Mwenya said the accused was caught red-handed defiling the minor and was also positively identified by the victim .

She ruled that whether the minor asked for money or not from the accused, the accused had no right to defile her.

“I am without a doubt that the accused is the one who defiled the victim. I find the accused of the offence of defilement of an imbecile and convict him accordingly,” she adjudicated.

Petronella Mutowa of Old Lusaka West had testified that on October 19, 2023, on her way to Makeni Clinic, near the Makeni police station, she saw two school girls watching something.

Mutowa said she got interested because a female was screaming as if being strangled.

“The scream was from a shop where they mend tyres. When I crossed over and asked the pupils what was happening and they said they were not sure.

“I asked a man and he asked me to talk to the accused. I found the accused on top of the girl who was screaming. I asked what was happening because the lady was screaming. The man came out from the top of the girl and his zip was open,” she narrated

She told the Court that the accused tried to bribe her with a K50 when she decided to take him to the police station.

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