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‘Distasteful!’ Golden Party leader, Silavwe, faults tax regime that makes workers contribute more to treasury than corporates


Jackson Silavwe, Golden Party of Zambia president, says taxes in Zambia have killed real possibilities of both human and economic prosperity.

Silavwe claimed that this had locked the country in gruesome economic headache for any government.

Silavwe proposed for a critical rethink of Zambia’s tax regime to unlock the country’s fullest potential.

“This must be embraced and centered on how we successfully restructure three components of taxation namely personal taxes/ pay as you earn (paye), corporate income tax/ Business taxes and Tax treaties,” he said in a statement in Lusaka on Wednesday.

Silavwe stated that it was extremely distasteful that Zambian workers continued to pay more taxes to the fiscus/treasury than all the companies put together.

He said recent progressive economic narratives had actually revealed that low personal income tax such as PAYE increases consumer spending due to increased household disposable income.

“Contribute to the reduction of local households poverty and crime rates in communities.
Increases government tax revenues as perceived loss of revenue is recouped through multiplier effect of local job creation,” Silavwe noted.

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He stated that this also contributed to low prices of goods and services as businesses do not overcharge to make profits and enabled local households to build capital for investments creating generational wealth for families.

“For a nation to heavily tax its own workers into prosperity was like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.- Winston Churchill (paraphrased),” Silavwe quoted.

He said it was time to get the taxation right for the people in order to accelerate both human and economic development as a nation.

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