Everton fans take to the skies in protest, unfurl banners branding premier league as corrupt


In a bold display, Everton fans seized the skies during the Manchester City vs Liverpool clash, flying a plane over the Etihad Stadium bearing a banner that boldly declared ‘Premier League = corrupt.’

This aerial protest was a direct reaction to the Premier League’s unparalleled choice to subtract 10 points from Everton, citing violations of Profitability and Sustainability Rules.

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The protest extended beyond the stadium, with Everton supporters also staging demonstrations at the Premier League headquarters in London, underscoring their belief that the punishment far exceeds what is warranted.

Everton’s 10 point deduction remained the biggest point deduction in Premier League history in a move which manager Sean Dyche admitted left the club in shock.

Additionally, the punishment prompted speculation as to the type of sanction that could be handed out to Manchester City.

The Citizens are under investigation and charged with over 100 breaches of financial rules, leading to claims they could face a stiffer penalty than Everton.

Manager Pep Guardiola insisted he will not resign even if City are relegated to League One.

Furthermore, Amnesty International flew a plane carrying a banner with the plea ‘UAE: Free Ahmed Mansoor.’

The organization implored Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, also the deputy prime minister of the UAE, and the club’s fans to advocate for the release of Ahmed Mansoor.

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