Govt decentralizes issuance of National Registration Cards in Lusaka


Government has decentralised the issuance of National Registration Cards (NRC) by opening three sub-offices in Lusaka.

This is a move seen to decongest the current national registration offices at Kabendekela House and the Lusaka Boma Office opposite Levy Junction Mall.

Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Public Relations Officer, Collins Hikalinda, said the development would quicken the issuance of NRCs.

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Hikalinda said the government aimed to bring these services closer to the people and to decongest the Development of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship at Kabendekela House and the Lusaka Boma Office.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, Hikalinda mentioned that three sub-offices had been opened to the public for NRC issuance.

“These are as follows, Kalingalinga behind the Zambia Police station, Matero at the council offices kwashamukwenu yard near Matero Hall and Chilenje at the council offices,” he said.

He noted that but for resource constraints, the Ministry would have been interested in establishing sub-offices in Chelston, Show Ground and Chawama.

“The decentralization process is ongoing and targeting densely populated districts of Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe,” he added.

Hikalinda further sensitized the public regarding the digitization of National Identity Cards aimed at improving card security and delivering services more efficiently.

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