Govt reintroduces checkpoints, as Golden Party Zambia sees inconsistency in policy initiatives


Government has through Zambia police service reinstated security checkpoints to curb escalating criminal activities a week after removing them.

Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, said the checkpoints would be set in strategic locations to guarantee public safety and deter criminal elements from engaging in unlawful activities.

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In a statement issued on Thursday in Lusaka, Hamoonga stated that the composition of the security personnel at the checkpoints will only have officers from the Criminal Investigations department and uniformed officers.

“Traffic officers will be conducting motorised and foot patrols on the roads to enforce compliance on erring motorists as opposed to being stationary at these security checkpoints,” he revealed.

Hamoonga further encouraged members of the community to cooperate with law enforcement officers at these security checkpoints and report any suspicious activities promptly.

Inspector General of Police, Graphel Musamba, also noted the reintroduction of security checkpoints as a proactive measure aimed at addressing the challenges posed by criminal activities in the country.

Meanwhile Golden Party Zambia President, Jackson Silavwe, has questioned government’s inconsistency in making well informed decisions despite having welcomed the reintroduction.

“1. Why were the main police check points removed in the first place? 2. Who advised the Commander in Chief, President Hakainde Hichilema to give such an order? 3. Was there any intelligence report supporting the removal of the main check points around the country? 4. If yes to 3, what were the stated advantages of removing the main check points based on that intelligence report?” he questioned.

Silavwe said the removal of the security checkpoints in the first place was a breach on national security.

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