Man in court for allegedly stealing 2 bags of mealie meal valued at K378


A gardener has denied stealing two 25 kilogramme bags of Eagles roller mealie meal from Shoprite Stores at Cosmopolitan Mall, stating that it was his first time entering the chain store, so did not know the pay points.

Best Miyoba, 34, told Lusaka Magistrate Allan Kangwa that he was originally from Gwembe, therefore, had no idea about Shoprite.

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Miyoba is charged with theft of the two bags worth K378 from Shoprite Stores at Cosmopolitan Mall.

When the matter came up on Friday, Magistrate Kangwa found the accused with a case to answer and placed him on defence.

In defence, Kangwa shocked the court when he said he did not know where to pay from as it was the first time stepping foot in Shoprite.

“On January 15, 2024, I entered the shop and got a trolley. I went to get mealie meal and started walking towards the the exit door. when I reached where the security guards stand, they asked me where the receipt was. I told them that I am looking for the pay point I don’t know where it is,” he said.

He further stated: “they took me to the police. When I reached, I told them that it was my first time entering into Shoprite. The money that I had to pay for the two bags of mealie meal was in my pocket. I removed the money and put it on the table.”

Magistrate Kangwa quizzed the accused on how he could not have seen the pay points when he pulled the trolley, checked on the left where there were tills and proceeded outside.

“Continue taking your children to school so that if that ignorance is true, it doesn’t extend,” he told the accused.

Matter was been adjourned to April 12 2024 for judgement.

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