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Mishandling of high profile cases eroding confidence in the justice system —Haabazoka


Former Economic Association of Zambia ( EAZ) president, Dr, Lubinda Haabazoka, says the mishandling of high profile cases by some judges is setting a very dangerous precedent that risks eroding the confidence in the justice system.

Haabazoka said the effectiveness of the judiciary ensured peace in the country because everyone knew that there was that arm of government to look up to for justice.

The former EAZ president in a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday stated that what was most worrying was the delay of some cases where some parties had allegedly boasted that they control the Judges.

He claimed that on the same case, one of the parties further confidently said the judge would rule after several years, implying that justice would be denied to the other party

“I have so much respect for our judiciary which currently operates under very difficult conditions because we have failed to give them new technology and they have to write each and every word we say in court making the process tedious and cumbersome,” Haabazoka emphasized.

He noted that the judiciary was the last line of defence and citizens looked up to it for justice.

Haabazoka said when a citizen was aggrieved or bullied by another citizen, company or even the executive itself, the judiciary was that body that cane in and sets the record straight.

“Even where laymen have without reasonable doubt known the truth, some judgements have been delayed and injunctions denied only to rule after crucial events have passed making judgements an academic exercise,” he stated.

Haabazoka advised that the judiciary should take keen interest in what was being said especially that their credibility determined how much peace the country has.

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He warned that citizens can condone a rogue police force but not the judiciary.

Haabazoka noted that the way citizens perceived independence of government institutions had implications on the popularity of those in government.

The former EAZ president claimed that at the moment, citizens think the country had a rogue legislature and it would be difficult to get back that good image.

“As academicians it’s a sin to keep quiet on these matters. We can be called all sorts of names but ours is to intervene and correct things. Unfortunately the most we can do is write articles,” Haabazoka stated.

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