Mulenga, alias Desai Mafia, jailed 15 years for indecent assault on young girls


A 31-year-old man, Vincent Mulenga, popularly known as Desai Mafia of George Compound in Lusaka, will spend the next 15 years behind bars for indecent assault of a child.

Mulenga, a weightlifter and businessman, begged the Lusaka High Court for leniency stating that he was youthful in age, and given a second chance, would change.

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Judge Mwaka Ngoma, however, said a man like him who had no shame to show his nakedness to a child needed to be taken out of society.

“The offence of indecent assault is serious offence requiring that you are sent to prison for a length of time. At your age, you should have felt ashamed to show yourself, nakedness to a child. Girls need to be protected from people like you,” Justice Ngoma said.

She said the 15 years sentence would run concurrently with the five years imprisonment with hard labour for abducting and one year for assaulting juveniles under the age of 16, pronounced by the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

It was alleged that Mulenga abducted girls below the age of 16 and confined them in his bar in a dark room where he used to give them drugs, have sex with them and later took them to some lodges in the Emmasdale area and made them sleep with other men for money.

Allegations are that Mulenga on dates unknown but between November 19, 2021 and November 26, 2021 in Lusaka, did unlawfully take unmarried girls under the age 16 years out of care and protection of their mothers, having the lawful care, against their will.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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