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Party leader, Kalaba, lends voice to alleged harassment of ex-President Lungu, family


Citizens First Party leader, Harry Kalaba, has accused the state of abusing its power by stopping former president Edgar Lungu from traveling to seek medical attention in South Africa and South Korea to attend a World Peace Conference.

Lungu, was reportedly ejected from a plane on Saturday and stopped from travelling to South Korea to attend a World Peace Conference.

Kalaba in a statement issued in Lusaka on Monday said the executive, and in a typical style, President Hakainde Hichilema, would even feign ignorance on what happened to Lungu who was ejected from a plane.

“Such acts are totally unacceptable and do not reflect the freedom and privileges due to one in the position of former Republican president which Hichilema himself will soon be around about this time in 2026,” he said.

Kalaba advised the state to allow Lungu to enjoy his freedom of movement and association without any hindrance or frustration.

He said citizens were interested in Hichilema addressing the challenges of high cost of living including mealie meal that had hit a record K300.

“Citizens are interested in him addressing increasing infant and postnatal mortality, drug shortages and your failure to repair medical equipment in most of our health facilities and not where President Lungu is going or who is meeting with,” Kalaba said.

He said the continued harassment of the former head of state was bringing shame and embarrassment on the country that had been known to be the bastion of peace and the rule of law.

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Hichilema said it was that peace and freedom of association that made it possible for Hichilema to be head of state today.

“I pray that you will please deal with your fears and avoid allocating blame for your failures two years down the line,” he said.

Kalaba urged Hichilema to start addressing the challenges in the country as not doing so would allegedly be sending people to their early graves.

“This will make you stand out as that President that reversed all the positive attributes and brought untold shame, hunger and starvation to the citizens of Zambia,” he claimed.

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