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Party leader, Silavwe, urges civil society to stand up for citizens (video)


Golden Party of Zambia leader, Jackson Silavwe, has urged civil society organizations to raise awareness and fight against what he describes as political constraints.

He admonished the organisations to advocate for the people they promised to represent.

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Silavwe made these remarks during a joint press briefing with opposition political parties in Lusaka on Wednesday.

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“Isn’t the mealie meal price worth the voice of the civil society! Isn’t the fuel price worth the voice of the civil society! Isn’t the voice of the civil society worth speaking against what is happening in Parliament, what is happening in the Judiciary and the Police!,” he exclaimed.

Silavwe also expressed discomfort with the obstacles faced by opposition political parties when attempting to organize political rallies in the current political environment.

“We are being told by the IG himself, ‘no’ we are not going to allow that,” he noted.

Silavwe advised civil society organisations to forget the past and focus what is happening today.

“This is bigger than the political parties, everyone needs to get involved,” he emphasized.

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