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PEP leader, Tembo, receives social media blacklash for use of indecent language against Hichilema


Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) leader, Sean Tembo, has received a social media backlash after his criticism of President Hakainde Hichilema via social media went sour.

Tembo criticised Hichilema by using language that many feel did not befit the status of someone vying for political office.

The opposition leader is reported to have made a sexual reference to the presidency by describing the move to instruct ZNS to offload mealie meal to Shoprite which would in turn sell to the public at a cheaper price.

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“Bally selling a few bags of ZNS mealie meal using Shoprite hoping to create a perception of low prices is equal to masturb@tion,” a post on Tembo’s official Facebook handle read.

Many have expressed shock with the choice of words spoken by a leader of a political party in a post that has since garnered over three thousand comments.

A clergy, Rev Walter Mwambazi, criticised the politician for using such language against a Head of State.

“But kwena ba President, some of your social commentary is so below a person of your caliber and standing! How do you honestly make such a remark against the head of state? SMH 😒”

Another social media user wrote: “Is this the kind of leadership we desire? No!. Sir, your language isn’t good. You can’t earn respect in this manner. You should be talking about how you would like to build or develop our country and also maintain checks and balances by analysing contemporary social and economic issues. Not insele boss.”

Another one counselled Tembo saying he is sowing bad seeds by using such remarks.

“The statement is offensive and disrespectful..
The seed you are planting now.. you will never enjoy the fruits.”

One account user said while checks and balances are important, it matters how they are brought out.

“Your excellency, as much we could feel displeased about those in government, I think respect and courtesy should be at the core of opposition. Some things should never be said, while they may accurately describing the situation. Positive criticism is definitely welcome and necessary for everyone in the position of power but how we convey the message also matters I believe
I submit Mr. President 🙏🏽.”

The politician was called out for being immature.

“These are the senseless posts which will make me decampaign you in my household, my neighbourhood and my village for as long as I shall live. Am not UPND but your hate is way too much. Your immaturity keeps taking you further down and this is the reason why UPND will be in power 2026 again. You have no focus,” one social media account posted.

Tembo has been an ardent critic of the UPND administration but has often been criticised for lacking maturity owing to some social media posts.

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