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PEP, UPPZ fault President Hichilema on steps being taken to battle cholera epidemic


Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) leader, Sean Tembo, has appealed to government to provide food at cholera centers where people have been admitted.

Government has opened Cholera Centres such as Heroes Stadium where people are being admitted after being diagnosed with the disease that had claimed 249 people and a cumulative of 6,272 cases countrywide.

Tembo told Journalists in Lusaka on Tuesday that the lack of food at the Centres was contributing to the high levels of mortality among cholera patients.

He stated that most of the patients do not have access to food and that this was exercebating the situation which was also being compounded with diarrhea.

“We believe that food is critical to help fight the cholera outbreak and the appeal must be addressed with the urgency by government, the PEP leader advised.

Tembo emphasized that the economic conditions were also not favorable and that people were unable to buy food either for their relatives or themselves.

In the same vein, the United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) leader, Charles Chanda, has also expressed deep concern regarding President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent actions and claims in the fight against the cholera outbreak.

Chanda questioned the President’s commitment based on a photo posted on his Facebook page, which raised serious doubts about his understanding of the situation on the ground.

“The photo in question shows President Hichilema without gloves, suggesting a lack of adherence to basic hygiene practices in a time when it is absolutely crucial,” he stated.

Chanda wondered why the President, who claims to be taking the fight against cholera seriously, would neglect such a fundamental precaution.

“It is essential that our leaders set an example by strictly following recommended guidelines to avoid undermining the efforts of those tirelessly working to curb the spread of this deadly disease,” the UPPZ said.

Chanda highlighted another disturbing aspect of the photo – a reporter sitting in the midst of garbage trash cans.

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He said this not only exposed the reporter to potential health hazards but also did not align with the principles and standards expected in the fight against cholera.

“The President’s actions portray a lack of seriousness and raise questions about the authenticity of his involvement,” Chanda stated.

He said the fight against cholera necessitated the utmost dedication, coordination, and implementation of measures consistent with global best practices.

“The President should consider the impact of his actions and ensure that his every move contributes to the overall efforts aimed at eradicating this deadly disease from our beloved nation,” Chanda emphasized.

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