Police in Lusaka launch manhunt for killer of mobile money operator


Police in Lusaka have launched a manhunt for two criminals who killed a 22-year-old man by pushing him off a moving vehicle and later running over him.

Police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, said the criminals tricked Wilson Mulenga Chanda, a mobile money vendor on pretext that they wanted to use his phone to make a phone call.

Hamoonga in a statement issued in Lusaka on Wednesday said, the victim however after giving them the phone realised that the two were actually mobile phone criminals.

He said the victim then grabbed onto the door of the motor vehicle, but later fell off and was run over.

“The incident occurred yesterday at around 20:00 hours at Kalingalinga ShopRite where the victim used to work as a mobile money vendor,” Hamoonga said.

He said the suspects were driving a Toyota corolla registration number BAF 5725.

Hamoonga said the victim only realised after giving them that they were criminals who steal mobile phones and held on to the car door whilst it was moving along Alick Nkhata Road.

He said a police officer who was nearby fired warning shots after witnessing what was happening with a view to rescue the victim.

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“He sustained a deep cut on the head and died on the spot near Kalingalinga police post and the suspects ran away after the vehicle was shot at and the tyres were deflated. It was later discovered that on the number plate they had altered the letters and figures using a seal tape. They turned F to P and 2 to 8,” Hamoonga said.

He said that the motor vehicle had since been impounded and parked at Woodlands police station, while police have launched a manhunt for the criminals.

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