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Sampa supports appointments of ex-Vice Presidents as special envoys, calls for transparency in compensation


Matero Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, has voiced his support for President Hakainde Hichilema’s decision to appoint all former vice presidents as special envoys and provide them with a salary.

However, questions have arisen regarding the nature of their compensation.

In a statement issued in Lusaka, Sampa joined others in seeking clarification on whether the appointees were receiving a salaries, allowances, or on assignment-based compensation.

While expressing his support for the move, Sampa emphasized the importance of utilizing the valuable experience and institutional memory of individuals like former Vice President Inonge Wina for the benefit of the nation.

“Do I support the move, very much so. Why should mama Inonge Wina be abandoned without a role to play when she still has a lot to offer the nation and presidency given her priceless government institutional memory,” he said.

Referencing a past appointment by late President Michael Sata, Sampa highlighted the precedent of utilising former leaders in diplomatic roles.

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However, he called for transparency in the process, suggesting that appointments should be announced publicly and appointees formally sworn in.

Addressing concerns about funding, Sampa speculated on potential sources such as contingency funds within the budget.

“I never saw it but maybe from the Contingency funds in each approved budget for any AOB (Any Other Business) that may arise after the budget is already approved,” Sampa said.

Despite his support, Sampa acknowledged the need for clarity on the specific terms of the appointments, including whether the appointees have already received payment.

As public speculation grows, Sampa urged for transparency to address lingering questions and ensure accountability in the process.

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