YANGO introduces cutting-edge driver training to enhance safety and quality of service


International ride-hailing service Yango, part of global technology company Yango, is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive Driver Safety & Quality Training. This initiative underscores Yango’s commitment to ensuring the safety, professionalism, and service excellence within its network of partner drivers.

With safety as the foremost priority, Yango has developed a rigorous training curriculum that equips drivers with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to navigate diverse transportation scenarios confidently. The program covers a wide range of topics, including Safety Features for drivers, Quality Standards, defensive driving techniques, customer service best practices, effective communication skills, and adherence to local traffic regulations.

The Training which took place at the Yango Hub in Lusaka on Wednesday 10th April, 2024 is one of many monthly trainings lined up throughout the year for partner drivers.

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Key highlights of the Training Program include:

Advanced Safety Protocols: Yango partner drivers went through an extensive training in defensive driving strategies, conflict button feature utilization, hazard awareness, in-app support calls, and emergency response protocols to prioritize driver and passenger safety in all situations. Other safety features highlighted at the training included voice reminder “track recording”, display of alert zones, display of rider names and rider’s rating, conflict button for drivers with fast track to support team, rating form to evaluate riders and in-app calls.

Customer-Centric Approach: The training emphasized the importance of delivering good customer experiences, focusing on professionalism, courtesy, and attentiveness to passenger needs.

Technological Proficiency: Drivers received specialized instruction in utilizing Yango’s state-of-the-art technology platform, ensuring seamless navigation, efficient route optimization, and effective communication with passengers.

Continuous Improvement: Training is an ongoing process at Yango, with regular assessments, feedback mechanisms, and supplementary learning opportunities to support drivers in refining their skills and staying updated on industry best practices.

Yango has also recently implemented a series of enhanced safety features in a bid to ensure safety for both drivers and riders. The measures which come amidst growing concerns regarding driver and rider security and are aimed at providing transparency for both drivers and riders.

Key to note in the measures is the display of alert zones in the appʼs map & non-penalty configuration for drivers. This feature alerts drivers on potentially dangerous zones where they should stay alert. When there is an order from or to such a district, the driver has a possibility to cancel the order, and there will be no penalty.

In the event of a deviation from the requested route, the route monitoring feature immediately alerts urgent support team contacts both sides via call in order to check whether everything is ok.

“At Yango, safety is our top priority,” said Kabanda Chewe, the Country Manager at Yango Zambia. “We are committed to providing all users as well as our partner drivers with a safe and comfortable ride, and this driver safety and quality training program is a significant step forward in achieving that goal. By investing in our partner drivers’ education, we are ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the roads safely and efficiently.” The Yango Driver Training Program is part of the company’s broader commitment to safety. In her statement, Kabanda urged the drivers to always be aware of their surroundings and always make use of all the safety features that are available for them. In her concluding remarks, Kabanda thanked the drivers for their continuous partnership.

In the words of one of the partner drivers, Mr. Reagan Chengamali, “The Yango Driver Safety & Quality Training Program has been transformative for me. Not only has it equipped me with valuable skills to ensure the safety and satisfaction of my passengers, but it has also instilled in me a sense of pride and safety in delivering exceptional service”. It’s Mr. Reagan’s wish to see the programme extended to more drivers for the betterment of the brand.

The Yango Driver Safety & Quality Training Program represents a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to raise the bar for excellence in the ride-hail industry. As Yango expands its presence globally, the program will serve as a cornerstone of its commitment to fostering a culture of safety, accountability, and service excellence among its partner drivers.

About Yango

Yango is an international tech company that transforms global sourced technologies into everyday services for local enrichment. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we reshape and enhance leading cutting-edge technologies from around the world into seamlessly integrated daily services for diverse regions.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between leading world innovations and local communities, fostering connections and enhancing everyday living experiences..

Yango provides through its superapp and ride-hailing services across 20+ countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Yango’s multilingual app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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