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Zambia reiterates two-state solution to resolving Israel-Palestine crisis, insists on dialogue


Zambia has called on Isreal and Palestine to resolve their dispute through negotiations.

Solicitor-General, Marshal Muchende, stated that the just and sustainable two-state solution cannot be imposed from the outside through an advisory opinion.

Muchende said this when he made an oral submission at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) before a panel of 15 Judges, according to First Secretary for Press at the Zambian mission in Belgium, Hambaya Munang’andu.

He said this followed a request for an advisory opinion by the United Nations General Assembly, concerning the legal consequences arising from the policies and practices of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.

Muchende was flanked by Sylvester Mundanda, Zambia’s Ambassador to the BENELUX countries, and Senior Government officials.

“Zambia recognises the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self determination as well as the legitimate security needs of the people of Israel,” he submitted.

Muchende further submitted that both Israel and Palestine had a duty to respect international human rights law and International humanitarian law.

He added that any recourse to the conflict should not be one that puts the blame squarely on one party but advances a negotiated solution that culminates in a two-state solution.

“Zambia’s support for Palestinian People’s rights to self determination remains steadfast and echoes its consistent position within the United Nations,” the Solicitor-General stated.

Muchende, however, said it was imperative to approach the issue with a comprehensive and balanced perspective.

He further stated that Zambia believed that any declaration, addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, should acknowledge the serious considerations of the difficult situation that both parties find themselves in, as they strive to defend the respective rights of their people.

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“Zambia notes that there has been an argument that negotiations between the two parties have been ineffective hence resorting to advisory opinions,” Muchende submitted.

He emphasized tha the Israelis, Palestinians, Regional States, the broader community and indeed the UN Security Council should first consider the reasons why the negotiations failed in the past.

Muchende stated that such issues should be addressed before resorting to a solution that seeks to bypass the agreed upon negotiations.

“Zambia will continue to call for relentless efforts aimed at achieving peace in the Middle East region, based on the principles of the two-state solution,” he reiterated.

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