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Zambians urged to resist plots aimed at amending the constitution for selfish, unpatriotic reasons


The Green Party has called on Zambians to stand up and prevent the United Party for National Development (UPND) government from amending the Constitution for self-interest, partisan and destructive motives.

Party leader, Peter Sinkamba, noted that the Constitution of Zambia was the supreme law of the land and that the UPND government should not be allowed to amend it for short-term motives through the parliamentary process.

Sinkamba, in a statement issued in Lusaka on Sunday, said there was need to protect the Constitution against short-term changes hastily approved without due reflection and consideration.

He emphasized that an amendment process should only be permissible if such allows the Constitution to be changed for the public good, when necessary and when supported by a sufficient consensus, and after careful deliberation.

“In our view, if UPND has identified issues that require clarification, it should, in the meantime, approach the Constitutional Court,” Sinkamba stated.

He observed that proceeding through the parliamentary process would only deepen division and acrimony in the country.

Sinkamba advised government to focus on sorting out the cost of living and dismantling the stifling debt and not Constitution amendment.

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“A constitution is intended to be both foundational and enduring. However, a constitution is not intended to be immutable,” he said.

Sinkamba stated that a Constitution was developed and adopted after an elaborate consultative process and it was inappropriate for the UPND government to amend it, barely seven years after the last amendment.

“The motivation for changing the written text of a constitution must only be motivated by several factors that may include correction of provisions that have proved inadequate over time, and improve constitutional rights or to strengthen democratic institutions,” Sinkamba noted.

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