27-year-old worker jailed 30 months for breaking into church, stealing holy communion items


A 27-year-old general worker, who unlawfully entered the New Apostolic Church and stole Holy communion items and other valuables worth K3,000 has been sentenced to 30 months of imprisonment with hard labour by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court.

Klacious Mwape pleaded guilty to breaking into a building and committing a felony therein.

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Particulars of the offence are that Mwape on April 7, jointly and whilst acting together with other unknown persons broke and entered into New Apostolic Church located in Lusaka’s Kabangwe area.

He stole two offering boxes, four holy communion boxes, five bottles of hand sanitizer, 15 black plastic chairs, one plastic table and three holy communion cups, all valued at K3,025.

Facts are that Mwape was apprehended by the public on the same day after he was found in possession of the chairs.

He led them to the hide out of other items including the five boxes of Holy Communion.

He was later reported to Kabangwe police station where he led the officers to the crime scene and demonstrated how he climbed the offence, broke in and stole the items.

Magistrate George Njobvu convicted Mwape based on his own admission of guilt.

Mwape through his legal counsel pleaded for forgiveness, that he had never been in cells and promised not to repeat the crime.

Magistrate Njobvu revealed that the offence attracted seven years .

“He had the courage to steal from the house of the Lord. The convict entered the church and disturbed normal proceedings of worship. Such cases are prevalent in the district and it would be miscarriage of justice if the convict is not punished. I therefore sentence the convict to 30 months with hard labour,” he pronounced.

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