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Govt orders all public service vehicles to be parked by 18 hours everyday


The government has urged public service workers to enforce Zambia’s existing laws and policies more rigorously.

Addressing the abuse of government cars and the need to manage costs, Secretary to the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa, warned all public service workers to desist from the ignoble act.

Kangwa, who spoke during a press briefing held in Lusaka on Friday, noted that the country’s performance in maintaining the rule of law had been below expectations.

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“I expect government cars to be parked by 18 hours every evening,” he said.

He instructed the Permanent Secretary of Transport to revoke all competency licenses from government offices, except for those held by drivers.

“The 2018 circular is clear as to who should drive a government car. I expect that to be done immediately, and only drivers should retain competence certificates,” he said.

Additionally, Kangwa urged public service workers to reduce movements, including local travel, to help lower transportation expenses.

“Let’s have virtual meetings where possible,” he encouraged.

He stated that for Zambia to achieve its development goals, public service workers must uphold the rule of law.

“Some instances of lawlessness observed in our country are abetted by our failure as public service workers to enforce existing laws and policies,” Kangwa said.

He also claimed that some public service workers were violating the law with impunity for personal gain.

“Going forward, I expect all public service workers to be law-abiding citizens in our day-to-day operations,” he urged.

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