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Again, UPND officials heckle Kitwe Mayor, ask her to stop politicking, focus on civic duties


Kitwe’s Wusakile Constituency United for National Development (UPND) official says Kitwe Mayor, Mpansa Mwaya,should concentrate on civic duties rather than politicking.

Since her posting in a Patriotic Front (PF) media WhatsApp group, allegedly calling for the resignation of President Hakainde Hichilema, the ruling party has continued taking on the mayor.

The latest, after youths from the Copperblet vowed never to allow the Mayor attend any presidential function, the UPND in Wusakile has now cautioned the civic leader to concentrate her energies on Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

This is according to a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday.

UPND Wusakile Patrict Mwauta  said: “The Kitwe Mayor  and the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in Kitwe should  concentrate on disbursing millions of Kwacha in Kitwe  given to the Council under CDF.”

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He claimed that the council she presided had over K128 million Kwacha in terms  of CDF and equalisation funds being facilitated by President  Hichilema whom she was demanding his resignation.

Mwauta added that markets  in Kitwe were now free from cadres as a result of policies by President Hichilema and his government.

“Now Kitwe City Council is freely collecting revenue in markets and public bus stations,” he said.

Mwauta added that instead of PF  siding with a Mayor who was in political error, the PF leadership should appreciate Copperbelt Minister Elias Matambo for timely political advise to the civic leader.

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