Albinism community calls for justice, end to physical brutal attacks, discrimination


Deep reflections filled Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Conference Center auditorium, which hosted Judges of the superior Courts and senior members of the bar, when the albinism community appealed for justice for survivors of physical brutal attacks and discrimination.

At the invitation of the Chief Justice, Dr Mumba Malila, the albinism community had a privilege to be part of the special valedictory session held to commemorate 50 years of the Supreme Court, under the theme “Empowering the next generation of justice leaders,”

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Delivering a speech, Albinism Foundation of Zambia (AFZ) founder, John Chiti, said albinos never applied to be born with the condition that they have continued to suffer injustice from.

Chiti emotionally stated that albinos were Zambians who should enjoy their rights on equal basis with others.

“If albinism was a crime, who should be prosecuted? Should we punish the people who are born with it? Since they have the condition,should they suffer for the condition? Is it their fault that they have the condition? So we bring justice against them or maybe we should punish their parents for bringing such children to the community?”

“Chief Justice, you will agree with me that this will not be justice because people with albinism do not choose to be born with that condition. We did not apply to be born with this condition. Even our parents did not choose to have a child of our condition,” he said.

Chiti said albinos have constantly been attacked because of the myth that their body parts are a source of luck for politicians, business executives and spiritualist.

“We are white but not white enough to be called whites. We are black but not black enough to be accepted as part of you. So where do we belong, because the black community does not feel we are part of them. We want to be free,we want to be Zambians. We want to live like any body else,but this cannot happen if their is no justice,” he said.

He further stated that the judiciary was a key stakeholder in albinism issues in the delivery of justice.

At the same event, the judiciary honoured Zambia’s first Chief Justice Annel Silungwe, retired Chief Justices Enerst Sakala and Mathews Ngulube, late Chief Justice Irene Mambilima, former deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa and the first female High Court Judge, Florence Mumba for their contributions that have shape the nation’s legal landscape.

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